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Holy Shit

Rihanna Continues to Make 'Star Trek' Cool in Her "Sledgehammer" Video

Also, check out a video of her speaking about her love for the franchise.

There's a new Star Trek movie coming out that you're probably not going to see, but somehow the soundtrack to the flick is turning out to be pretty sweet, thanks to Rihanna. Earlier this week she dropped her new single for the movie, "Sledgehammer" and today she's released her full music video for the track. It takes Rihanna off earth into a different planet where she becomes the space-witch-seer she was always born to be, while a bunch of Star Trek bugs or whatever fly by. If this journey to a purpley planet wasn't enough Rihanna/Star Trek crossover for you, the movie released a video of her talking about her love for the franchise, and is essential viewing.