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Holy Shit

Good Morning, Future Announced 'Dirty Sprite 2' Is Coming Out Next Week and Put Out a New Song

Listen to "Blow a Bag" and contemplate how fortunate we are.

At this point, three mixtapes into a superb comeback run and many projects into a pretty much flawless career, it's safe to say, without exaggeration, that Future is the greatest rapper of all time. OK, maybe that's a little premature, but it definitely feels like that right now. There is nobody hotter. There is nobody who I would rather get an album from right now, even though I could probably just listen to "Codeine Crazy" on repeat for the rest of my life and feel satisfied that there was enough music in the world. But I don't have to do that because an album, Dirty Sprite 2, is on the way.


Future tweeted the announcement last night with a link to the iTunes preorder. Fans who preorder the project get a free download of a new song called "Blow a Bag." Right now, that song and the previously released bangers "Real Sisters" and "Fuck Up Some Commas" are the only tracks that have been announced. But come on—it's guaranteed to be great. Real heads might remember that the original Dirty Sprite mixtape was Future's breakout moment, featuring a little song you might have heard before called "Racks." So the suggestion that this is a sequel, well, it is a good thing (also a not-so-subtle reminder of Future getting back to his roots as he's done on his recent mixtape run and rejecting the pop direction the lead up to Honest promised).

The best news of all? It's out next Friday, July 17. Yes. That soon. Your weekend and your life are changed irrevocably for the better. Along with the tape, Future also posted a trailer for a new documentary, Like I Never Left, due out next week. Excited yet? Good. Listen to "Blow a Bag" to celebrate and watch the trailer for Like I Never Left below:

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