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Holy Shit

That's Embarrassing: Jaden Smith's Dad Caught Rapping!

"Ugh, stop it dad my friends are right over there!"

Will Smith being his regular job, an actor / Screengrab from iRobot

Parents are the worst, always doing things that embarrass us in front of our cool friends. Take Jaden Smith's dad Will for instance. Will Smith has had a very successful career starring in such Hollywood blockbusters like Hancock, Wild Wild West and his costarring role in After Earth, but now he appears to be chasing his youth by pursuing a new hobby: Rapping. Typically, bygone artists trying to regain their relevance amongst the youth will try skateboarding, but Smith has elected to try something new instead.

The results are unintentionally hilarious, with Smith dropping dad bars about Teslas and Modern Family cast members. He really should've gone to see Jaden for help, either so his son could ghostwrite part of this abomination, or tell his dad that maybe he should just stick to acting. Seriously, Will Smith rapping? I never thought I'd see the day.

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