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Mos Def, Wokest Human Alive, Was Arrested in South Africa for Using a "World Passport"

Bless you, Mos Def.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Shouts out to Mos Def forever. He's a global treasure, a true world citizen in everything that he's involved in, be it in movies or music. He understands the planet earth—and other planets, probably—in ways the rest of us never will. Unfortunately, certain people and places aren't as woke about the global condition as he. According to the Associated Press, Mos Def was recently detained in South Africa, where he has lived since 2013, for producing a faulty passport when trying to leave the country.

Department of Home Affairs spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete said that when he tried to leave the country, Mos Def produced an unfamiliar "world passport." Tshwete also went on to say that Mos Def had already overstayed his visitor permit in 2014 after entering the country on an American passport. Mos Def has been banned from the country for five years, but he may appeal to officials for leniency.

You can read the entire account of a nation not being woke enough right here.