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Here Are the Real, Definitely Not Fake Untouched Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Photos

People are saying his photos were Photoshopped. But we've got the *REAL* original pictures.

This week, Calvin Klein unveiled their photoshoot with everyone’s favorite manboy, Justin Drew Bieber. It sent Beliebers everywhere into a tizzy, what with his perfectly chiseled hairless pectoral muscles and rippling, tattooed biceps. Not to mention his plump, yet firm nether regions, tucked away securely behind his white Calvin Klein™ boxer briefs. But today, the allegedly original untouched photos surfaced via which shows a thinner, paler, much less beefy Biebs. Surely, these photos would take the wind out of the sails of the diehard fans. IF they were the real photos. But they’re not. Noisey has EXCLUSIVELY obtained the REAL untouched Justin Bieber Calvin Klein photos. There is no doubt that this photo of the #BieberBulge is the most real and not fake thing there can be.


Check it out for yourself below, if you dare. Lookin’ good, Biebs…