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Holy Shit

Listen to Father's Expectedly Weird New EP 'Papicodone'

Take the rest of the day off, then take a bunch of drugs.

Is there anyone on the planet who loves sounding bored while glorifying drugs more than Father? Probably not. The Awful Records just released his new EP Papicodone and it's the weird, drugged out mess you've been waiting for. Two of the tracks on it you've never heard before; the lead "Crush It Up and Snort It" and the second track "All Black Hummer" with iLoveMakonnen, Archibald Slim, and Ethereal. There isn't any better song to do a whole lot of pills and shit to than "Crush It Up and Snort It," the weirdly sparse and echoey beat reverbarating throughout. "All Black Hummer" is equally as weird, throwing ghost verses in and out of big man Makonnen throwing down the chorus.


The EP also gives a home to a few fan favorite loosies, including "Please Stop Making Fake Versace" and the remix of "Fake AF" featuring Awuful's young Texas emissary Playboicarti.

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Listen to the EP below and check out that time we celebrated the release of Noisey ATL with Father and Makonnen.