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Is This The Cover Art for Drake's 'Views from the 6'?

We decided to go ahead and make the best 'Views' cover art possible.

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Alas, the moment is almost here. The month when Drake finally Finally FINALLY drops his long awaited fourth studio albumViews From The 6. It's been a long road with numerous billboards of the album's impending arrival placed around Toronto, featuring black and white images of various locations in the city that could be the cover art. Including a projection of the signature "6" in London, that was also mistaken for the album artwork. Take that London and those bastards at the Noisey UK branch! Nevertheless, with the 6 God as the shining light of our great city we can only imagine how he will historify this great city, joining the ranks of legendary city-inspired artwork like Illmatic and Abbey Road. And lucky for us, and you, we've stumbled upon what we think is the cover artwork for VIEWS.


CN Tower

Views from the 3rd tallest entirely self-supported tower in the world.

Nathan Philips Square

You can't tell but this Toronto sign changes colours. It's like reading a rainbow.

University Of Toronto

A place of higher learning. Did you know Drake is dumb rich? Guess that makes us smart and poor. No, pretty sure just poor.

Traffic on the DVP

Possibly the most congested highway in Ontario. What better way to show off the best of Toronto than to promote the reduction of gas emissions.


Toronto used to be filled with a host of different clubs and food spots but now it's condos. It's only appropriate Drake showcases the positives of gentrification.

Haunted House

Spooky hours?

Centre Island

Mans never been on the log ride when it's shut down.

The Four Seasons Room Right Above Meek Mill's

Location: Toronto; Status: five-star hotel, Four Seasons. Them chumps right above and being hella rambunctious. Nicki in the bedroom angry as fuck, life is miserable. - Meek

Drake's Restaurant That He Doesn't Really Own

Drake is a businessman so why not double down on profits for your album AND your restaurant named after a fusion of Fries and Onion Rings.

The Restaurant Where They Filmed The "Work" Video

Who doesn't love jerk chicken. (cover 1 of 2)

Jack Astor's

The alternative cover for the white people who are scared of ethnic foods. Drake knows he needs both markets. (cover 2 of 2)

Popular Toronto Stripclub Zanzibar

This staple of the Yonge and Dundas square place has excellent clientele and fantastic poutines.



There's a place I know in Ontario where the sealions kiss, so the story goes. It's amazing shows and Friendship C-OVO-E. Everyone loves Marine Land. Free Tilly.

Kanye's Pool

Let's not talk about how this whole thing is a metaphor for comparing dick sizes.


Don't get us started on how flames "Kiss It Better" is.

Channing Tatum

What better way to commemorate the best Drake line of all time than to give "Chaining Tatum" a cover.

Transformers: Beast Wars

In Canada, this show is called "Beast Wars." Real heads know. R.I.P Depth Charge.

This Just Opened Pack of Dunkaroos

Views is about the story of a boy to a man and growing up in the Toronto Public School system, Drake understands saving the icing till the very last cookie is a pivotal moment in growing up.

A Sea Horse

A rare photo taken from Drake's Instagram at Ripley's Aquatic Centre.

Whatever The Hell This Is

Okay, we put this in here because we need answers.

Master Hand from Super Smash Bros.

"You're my right handddd, you're my go to".

Drake Angrily Peering Through A Fence

"I will find you, Michael!"