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Holy Shit

Here's Pusha T and Jeremih's Jaunty New Song "Paid"

From the soundtrack of the Nas-produced film 'The Land.'

The Nas-produced skateboarding movie The Land just added two more big names to its already-stacked soundtrack. "Paid" features both Pusha T and Jeremih on a soul-pop beat exceptionally peppier than what the both of them are probably used to. Push doesn't even do his "yuugh" ad-lib, that's how light-hearted this song is.

Honestly, with Jeremih dropping a "Jefferson" in the chorus (in this case, George from All in the Family, not Thomas) and how much piano is on here, this almost just sounds like a Hamilton outtake. Which is fine! Musical theatre and mainstream rap is a match made in… uh, music publications? Anyway, don't think too hard about it and listen to "Paid" below via NPR.

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