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Rihanna Runs Towards Screaming, Stoked Fans in “Goodnight Gotham” Video

Just one minute, six seconds of incredibly happy Parisians hugging their hero. That’s nice.

af Alex Robert Ross
30 juli 2016, 2:51pm

“Goodnight Gotham,” a brief interlude towards the end of Rihanna’s massive album ANTI, might not have struck most people as an immediate candidate for a music video. It’s a cool but essentially instrumental track, a little under 90 seconds long, towards the end of an album with a glut of likely hits.

But Rihanna doesn’t care, so she’s dropped the video for “Goodnight Gotham” anyway. It’s basically just 60 seconds of Riri running towards her adoring fans by the Eiffel Tower and being triumphantly adored by them. It’s pretty well shot too and, even with the track cut down beyond its original modesty, the whole thing works towards a pleasing, slick impression.

Check it out below.

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