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Queen Are Understandably Pissed That Donald Trump Used "We Are the Champions"


Image via CNN

In case you weren't aware, the Republican National Convention is going on right now, and amid disturbingly bestial Rudy Giuliani pictures and Melania Trump cribbing speeches from Michelle Obama, it's enough of a surreal mess to make even Canadians take notice (hi). But of course, notably odious person Donald Trump made another odious move by using Queen's "We Are the Champions" as his entrance music. Now, "Champions" is an incredibly versatile song for any moment of achievement in one's life, but its application at a right-wing rally is a hee-larious faux pas due to late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury being one of the most famous gay dudes in rock music. Oops.

The surviving Queen members themselves have made their feelings known on Twitter.

An unauthorised use at the Republican Convention against our wishes - Queen

— Queen (@QueenWillRock) July 19, 2016

Looks like another possible Trump campaign anthem bites the dust. Maybe he'll be under pressure to find a new one? Ah well, he's probably just stone cold crazy, after all.

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