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Holy Shit

Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, and Jah Tiger Surf a Reggae Wave with "Mr. 2 Face"

'Blue Chips 7000' soon come?

Hungryman and eater of things Action Bronson, who “only became acquainted with the octopus recently,” has taken some time out from working on his VICELAND show Fuck, That's Delicious to drop some new music. Bronson is skipping right ahead from acclaimed mixtape Blue Chips 2 all the way to Blue Chips 7000, which maybe makes sense on some level, I guess.

Anyway, “Mr. 2 Face” finds Bronson in his groove, bouncing off fellow Queens-based collaborator Meyhem Lauren and reggae singer Jah Tiger. Food references? Well, at one point Bronson says, “You better gimme my cheddar before I break shit.” Ordinarily that might be a deft reference to money and/or the devil’s lettuce, but in this context it genuinely refers to Bronson being angry about not getting a well-aged cheese.

Decide for yourself below.