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The David Lynch Tribute Album You Always Wanted Is on Its Way

The 16-track release will feature Karen O, Sky Ferreira, Lykki Li, Duran Duran, and everybody else you can imagine.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

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The concept of 80s poster boys Duran Duran teaming up with bespectacled chill man Moby to perform David Lynch classics might seem way too bizarre to be grounded in reality. But it's not, because it's happening. Life is strange. This news is real.

To expand, a David Lynch tribute album is on its way (titled The Music of David Lynch) and it will feature covers of songs featured in the director’s films and across his own solo albums, like the creepy, warbled “In Heaven” from Eraserhead (1977) and “Blue Velvet” from the neo-noir horror of the same name. Of course, Duran Duran and Moby obviously aren't the only artists taking part. The two-part, 16-track release will also include contributions from Sky Ferreira, Karen O, Zola Jesus, Lykki Li, and The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne amongst many others. All of the tracks were recorded live from a concert held in LA last year. Listen to David Lynch and Karen O's collaboration "Pinky's Dream" and read the full track list below.

LP 1
01. Angelo Badalamenti — “Laura Palmer's Theme”
02. Donovan — “Love Me Tender”
03. Chrysta Bell — “Swing With Me”
04. Tennis / Twin Peaks — “In Dreams”
05. Rebekah Del Rio — “Llorando”
06. Sky Ferreira — “Blue Velvet”
07. Jim James — “Sycamore Trees”
08. Karen O — “Pinky's Dream”

LP 2
01. Angelo Badalamenti — “Dance of the Dream Man”
02. Moby — “Go” (feat. Mindy Jones)
03. Duran Duran — “The Chauffeur”
04. Lykke Li — “Wicked Game”
05. Zola Jesus — “In Heaven”
06. Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd — “Soundscape From Eraserhead and The Elephant Man”
07. Angelo Badalamenti — “Twin Peaks Theme”
08. David Lynch — “A Poem of Unknown Origin”

The Music of David Lynch will be released on April 15th via Communion.