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Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Who Needs a Big Budget When You Can Have No Budget? Check Out Tony Molina's New Video

"Hung Up On The Dream" nods it's head to home movies, Beatles, and New York Brutal Slam Metal all at once.

Did you make shitty movies when you were a kid? Like action movies where your friend held teddy bears hostage and the big Michael Bay moment was when the bad guy's HQ (aka couch fort) came crashing down? Then you may get Tony Molina's ultra lo-fi video for "Hung Up On The Dream (Tascam 688 demo 1993)," available above. The video is clearly Molina having fun at the idea of a video in general, and features an acoustic track that borrows the woodwinds/string section that opens "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" to great effect. Check it out above.

Sweet Pyrexia longsleeve, BTW.

Tony is currently readying his new LP for release in 2015. In the meantime, dig on a pair of 7"s from his OVENS project, as well as Dissed and Dismissed, all released in some form in 2014.