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PREMIERE: Snakehole Drops a Noise Rock Pipe Bomb with "Brujitas (Casa De Madre)"

Bewitched by the cacophony.

Snakehole is a band from Miami, FL playing agressive and genre-leaping rock music. Their new self-titled EP will show how heavy, gross and bizarre the band can get, developed over their five years as a band. On their new track "Brujitas (Casa De Madre)," the duo plays a fast and pulsing track somewhere between The Jesus Lizard and Void. Guitars drive out of course like runaway trains, while screams and yells bubble and expand. It's incredible to fathom that all the sounds and intricacies of the track are being thrust forward by only two people playing in tandem, showing how much you can fuck up a punk song and make it great.


Pre-order the record right here from Wharfcat, and here for iTunes.