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The Greatest Things Of All Time

There Are Many Things on the Internet, None of Which Are as Good as This Evanescence "Uptown Funk" Mash-Up

Funk me up inside.
Emma Garland
London, GB

The Internet, a veritable infinity pool of information. Everything you could possibly want to know about anything is a few clicks out of reach. The boundaries are nonexistent; the possibilities are endless. But most human beings don't care about that. Most human beings use the internet for three things: streaming television series from the 90s, pornography, and mixing together songs that should, rightfully, remain further apart than the Osmonds at a sleepover.


Here at Noisey dot com, we are primarily interested in the latter. So here is the most recent example of: "Things that would never have happened if people didn't need lol fodder to send in a chain email to the entire office at 3pm so everyone can hate their lives a bit less". For reasons unknown and unquestioned, some benevolent human being has mashed up Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" with Evanescence's 00s nu-metal piano ballad "Bring Me To Life".

Stream below. Get funked up inside.