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It's Make Out Central in Shura's Video for "Touch"

Timing is everything…

While the stats on this track are worth noting—top 5 on the Hype Machine, 100,000 plays in a week on Soundcloud—the video for Shura's "Touch" impresses upon us two far more salient points:

1. Timing is everything. (Let's not forget the lessons within Sliding Doors.)

2. Making out is really, really fun.

Directed by Shura and starring a bunch of her pals gazing unflinchingingly down the barrel of the lens and making out in slow-mo, "Touch" is a velvety take on R&B which perfectly articulates that moment when you see an old lover and feel that tug in your tummy, feel the invisible ties of shared experience, and the itch too—like a scar that's still not quite healed over. Perhaps you'll never be fully fixed and that's okay.

This Anglo-Russian artist is currently unsigned. Not for long.


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