The Great Dictators' Newest Track "Holy Creatures" Puts a Really Satisfying Spin on the Destruction of Mankind

This latest music video from our favorite Danish Americana posse has got hedonistic pig-beasts and the sickest grooves you'll hear all day.

31 marts 2016, 8:51am

If the end is indeed nigh, and the entire human race is destined to go down in the hellfire of Judgement Day (read: climate catastrophe, a Trump presidency, etc.) I say cue up the piggy hedonism, and let's get this show on the road. As long as we get to do it to the tune of this deliciously arid, apocalyptic anthem off of The Great Dictators' second album, Killers.

Back when we premiered their steamy "Shame" video, we told you how the Dictators' particularly dark brand of Americana should be right up your alley if you're into Smashing Pumpkins, Marcy Playground, The Heavy's "Short Change Hero", that type of thing. Still true. Amp up the dark, dusty grooves and throw in some hooded, hedonistic beasts writhing sinfully in black-and-white, and you've got the God-mugging, virgin-plucking treat that is "Holy Creatures". Lead singer Dragut Lugalzagosi continues to master fusing mellowed out Western type vibes with sudden bursts of feral doomsday rage, and he does so over the span of just 2 minutes, 10 seconds. Which is still totally long enough time for you to quickly find yourself mindlessly slapping the track on repeat - almost as if Lucifer himself were compelling you to.