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Stream Blaue Blume’s Majestic and Meticulous Debut Album 'Syzygy'

The Copenhagen-based quartet lives up to the hype, alright.

After months of hype, the debut album from Danish four-leafed flower Blaue Blume is set to drop this Friday. Since we have absolutely zero patience, we went and got our hands on it a few days earlier—and we’re totally going to share it with you right now.

After achieving massive success both internationally and on their home turf, where “In Disco Lights” was 2014's most played track on P6, expectations for Blaue Blume skyrocketed. Thankfully, their debut album Syzygy does not disappoint. It’s brimming with what we’ve come to expect from this Copenhagen-based quartet: the album is heartfelt rock ‘n roll studded with electronic elements, expressed with a grandeur akin to being at the opera.

Syzygy bounces through groovy beach rock in tracks like “Candy”, purebred rock in “Before The Sun Blows Up Our Lungs” and even storms of synths and instrumentals in the 7-minute long epic “Epoch”. That diversity makes Syzygy feel like shopping through a Kwik-E-Mart of musical elements and tossing exquisite items in the cart at random; however, there’s method to the madness. Syzygy has nothing short of a meticulously engineered and completely unique sound—something not so easy to achieve in The Golden Age of the Remix. When all these elements bloom together in perfect harmony, as they do in “Sky”, we’re left with nothing short of a sizzling lyrical feast. So why wait: get your first taste of it below.

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