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Rejjie Snow Has Dropped a Video for "Nights Over Georgia"

And click inside for three fun facts about the best rapper to ever come out of Ireland.

af Ryan Bassil
10 juni 2014, 3:04pm

We've covered Rejjie Snow on Noisey a million times; it's starting to feel awkward introducing him. Like when you reintroduce two mutual friends every time you all hang out - even though they've already met, know who each other are, and have spent entire evenings together getting shitfaced. If you're not 100% acquainted with Rejjie Snow then peep our interview with him back when Rejovich reached the top of the iTunes chart, catch our premiere of "Lost in Empathy", our premiere of "Snow", or every other time we've mentioned him on this site.

For everyone else - here's three fun facts about Rejjie.

- he hates Ketchup.

- he hates spiders and has to sleep with socks on cause he thinks they are gonna bite him.

- in Nigeria he's a prince.

Check out his new video "Nights Over Georgia" above.

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