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Trash Talk's New Video Is "The Great Escape" from Sanity

Skate. Destroy. Drink. Rip own face off.

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Listen up kids! Trash Talk's “The Great Escape” (directed by the same pair responsible for today's White Fence video!) is a cautionary tale of the side effects of excellent hardcore music and demonic drinks. Our heroes (TTC, of course) are a trio of ne'erdowell skaters out to cause havoc, and while loitering in a convenience store with lit joints in hand, they spot beverage blessed by Satan himself. The $666 price tag is of course way too steep, but who cares… they're gonna steal that shit anyway. Our heroes consume the nectar of Beezlebub and the trip that follows may make you want to rip your face off. It did for them anyway! Cue the badass Trash Talk soundtrack.


If you missed it, just know that Trash Talk don't give a fuck about your drones.

Director: Jim Dirschberger

Art Director: Jay Howell

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