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Beach Psych Meets Nordic Moody In This Latest Video From The New Investors

The Danish indie rock four-piece's video for new single “Enemies Who Once Were Lovers” just dropped and it’s a lot cooler than three dudes rocking out by the water sounds.

When you hear a music video described with the words “some dudes rocking out by the water”, you probably picture some grotesque, late-90s pop punk abortion that should be archived in MTV history never to be regurgitated. Thankfully, this video for The New Investors' second single, “Enemies Who Once Were Lovers”, off of their debut album is decidedly better than that.

Melancholic in its message and breezily upbeat in it’s delivery, “Enemies Who Once Were Lovers” tells the break up tale as old as time of a couple of sweethearts, who used to sodomise each other on the regular and now can’t even share a civil glance over the salad bar at Jensen’s Bøfhus. Add some tight riffs, a few drone shots, and some electric scenes between vocalist Glenn and actress Isabel to the mix and you’ve got the recipe for some silky smooth listening with a captivating visual story to boot.

This happy-go-lucky Copenhagen foursome has had a pretty good run already this year, most notably having opened for King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - amongst a slew of other performances. It seems their particular fresh-squeezed blend of equal parts psychedelic indie pop, California surf rock, and moody Nordic vibes is striking some chords, and it's not hard to see why. Take a sip and find out for yourself.

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