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Check Out an Exclusive Teaser of Swans' New LP 'To Be Kind' Because You Owe It To Yourself

An exclusive journey through the new Swans LP 'To Be Kind' in less than nine minutes

Some records you throw on while you do shit like organise you closet or clean the toilet, tuning in and out while you focus on the mundane. But for some records, you light a candle, get a solid pair of headphones, settle in and listen to in its entirety. Swans falls into that latter category. A Swans record is a journey; songs build and expand to come crashing down again, and there is a certain hypnotic, almost shamanistic quality to Gira's voice to lead you through it all. Swans records demand your total and complete attention.

The NYC-based band have a new album coming with To Be Kind, their third studio effort since reforming four-plus years ago. Due on May 12th, the LP features appearances from St. Vincent, Bill Reiflin (Ministry, King Crimson, RevCo, etc), Little Annie, and more across it's ten tracks logging around two hours in length. It's an epic journey and one that is chronicled in the teaser sampler above, available for the first time here at Noisey. Check that out, as well as a pair of full songs from To Be Kind below.