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Phlo Finister - "Hotel Miami" (Official Video)

Like she fell out of an issue of Vogue from 1965.

LA-born R&B singer Phlo Finister wants you to know she is a Poster Girl. Taking inspirations from the Warhol scene and beautifully tragic women like Edie Sedgwick, Finister merges a strong fashion sense with her music. She looks like she fell out of an issue of Vogue from 1965.

In her newest video, “Hotel Miami,” Finister struts the streets of the beach town in big eyebrows and manicured daggers. Singing to coax someone to meet her in her hotel room and do her wrong, Finister looks gorgeous and graceful and, after all, it’s about the fashion as much as it is about the music. Produced by Benny Cassette and also starring SpaceGhostPurp (who Finister has been working closely with), the scratchy, pre-digital camera work makes the video seem out of time. Finister’s much-anticipated LP Poster Girl debuts next week, but this video can hold us over until we get the full roster of Poster Girl hymns.

Mish Way is a writer and the lead singer of the band White Lung. She's on Twitter - @myszkaway