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Holy Shit

Dance Until Your Legs Disintegrate to Neon Indian's "The Glitzy Hive"

'Vega INTL. Night school' drops October 16.

Do you ever dance so much that your legs are in a horrible, excruciating pain afterwards? I mean sore for a week kind of pain. It sucks, but at least you know it's because you were having a good time. Much like you'll be having with Neon Indian's brand new song "The Glitzy Hive," off of his upcoming record VEGA INTL. Night school. Over the years, Neon Indian has been building his craft to make moody and full songs to fit any occasion, and this is no different with a totally awesome and danceable track in "The Glitzy Hive." So, leave work early today and dance the rest of your day away.