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Holy Shit

Andrew W.K. Tells Larry King About the Time He Did a Number Two in His Pants on Stage

"A tear welled up in my eye, but then I sucked it back in and kept playing.".

Shit happens. It happens to all of us. And sometimes, unfortunately, it happens in our pants. And, for some, it even happens in our pants while performing on stage in front of thousands of people. It happened to Ed Sheeran and now, Andrew W.K. becomes the newest member of the loud and proud onstage pants shitters.

The party god recently sat down for an interview with Larry King, who by the way, is possibly our nation’s greatest music journalist, and was asked a lightning round of questions, one of them being what his most embarassing moment on stage is. To which W.K. responded, "I went to the bathroom in my pants, number two."

"Number two?" King asked increduously, as if an 81 year old man would be unfamiliar with the concept of accidentally letting one rip in his pants.

"A tear welled up in my eye, but then I sucked it back in and kept playing," said W.K.

Of course, W.K. could be blowing proverbial hot air out of his ass, given that he also discussed the ridiculous conspiracy theory he’s enjoyed perpetuating for years to fuck with people, that he is not the original Andrew W.K. (so he’s got that in common with Avril Lavigne). Or maybe he really did drop a deuce in his white pants and can spin it into one of his ultra-positive life messages. After all, shitting your pants is the greatest party you can throw for yourself! Party on.

The two also talked about bronies, Glenn Beck, Columbo, and countless other questions that King had bolded and highlighted on his huge stack of papers. Video below. Pants shitting talk starts at 18 minute mark.