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Holy Shit

Someone Is Selling Tupac's Old Love Letters for $35,000 Because Nothing Is Sacred

The letter was unearthed by an old classmate who is now selling it, because that's what people do on the internet these days.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

There’s nothing quite like the sweet, visceral melodrama of being a teenager in love. You write letters, you construct mixtapes, and you truly believe that your class crush will be your one and only for life—which is why every posession they've passed on to you is stored in a shoebox under your bed. Then, as it goes, you become sceptical, jaded, and your cold adult heart turns to stone. You move on after leaving school and watch each other grow fatter and older on Facebook. In the process you debate your life choices and wonder why you fancied someone who now earnestly shares posts from LadBible. That's just how it goes, right?


For one woman, not so much. Her own high school sweetheart was Tupac Shakur—meaning that A) he cannot be forgotten and B) the private love letters that he poured his heart and soul into can now be put up for sale for $35,000. Which is good, at least for her, I guess? The letter, which was written in 1988, is a page long and is addressed to “Beethoven,” which is what Tupac called the woman because of her piano skills.

“Tupac and I were in drama class together,” the classmate wrote in a statement. “He was one of the only black kids in drama so he stood out. But he stood out for other reasons too… everything else I read about Tupac seemed to me to be a different person. I didn’t know the man who tattooed ‘Thug Life’ on his body and who was gunned down on a Las Vegas street. I never really cared for the music he created – it was nothing like the freestyles I remember in front of our school. I knew the kid who made me understand Shakespeare and who didn’t care that he dressed different or wore his hair different. I knew the kid who loved Prince and candles and had a broken heart. And the kid who drew birds lying upside-down on the notes that he passed in school.”

If you have $35,000 spare and your Pac obsession is thirsty enough to want something this private and personal, then you can buy the letter here.