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Holy Shit

Listen to the First Song from Chief Keef's 'Bang 3, Disc 2,' "Bouncin'"

Keef is just showing up for the money, and he has some thoughts about your girl's shitty wig.

Chief Keef has been on a tear lately—between "Faneto" quietly becoming one of the songs of the summer, "Ain't Missing You" showing a completely new side of his art, his friendship with Andy Milonakis yielding truly insane results, his hologram performances becoming a national controversy, Bang 3 lowkey signaling his return as a major musical force—you get the point. This fall is poised to be big for Keef, and if you're not paying attention he's giving you a second chance to catch up with him via a second installment of Bang 3.


Today, we're getting the first taste of Bang 3, Disc 2 with "Bouncin'," a song about how Keef is pulling up, getting the money, and bouncing. He asks that you call him "bag head Milonakis," which is fitting because his comedian pal is rubbing off on him. Keef has always had an understated sense of humor, but "Bouncin'" is one of the funniest songs he's ever made. Who says Keef doesn't do punchlines? "Bouncin'" puts Big Sean to shame! Right away Keef coasts through a set of bars with the line "something something something I forgot now," and then he starts describing his guns: "I think my chopper gay I pulled him out the closet" and "I think my mac wanna be a rapper we be touring." And then there's the clincher later on: " I don't wanna fuck yo bitch she got a shitty wig." Sorry folks. Keef just lapped your favorite rapper in the great road race of disrespectfulness, and he's showing no signs of slowing down. Check out "Bouncin'" below and get fucking amped for Bang 3, Disc 2:

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