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Holy Shit

Grimes' "Kill V. Maim" Video Is More Everything Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Picture a game of 'Crash Bandicoot' in the world of 'Blade Runner' except also the heroine is wearing Versace, and honestly that's just the beginning.

OK, just for kicks, close your eyes and imagine your favorite video game. One of those ones where the lead character looks like they're in an anime and has some sort of ski goggles on their head. Probably one of the middle Final Fantasy games, or really any Japanese RPG from the early to mid 2000s. OK, wait, no, imagine Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift except with an all-female cast dressed for an expedition to blow up Burning Man. Actually, imagine, like, The Matrix but everyone is also at a hardcore show and covered in blood. Or what if, like, Xena Warrior Princess were on a dance team. OK, imagine Kingdom Hearts, but with better choreography. It's like a Big Bang video after the apocalypse. What I'm trying to say is, what if drawing a bow and arrow was a legitimate dance move? And also, imagine a sci-fi marching band leader with no eyes. OK, open your eyes.


I promise whatever you were imagining, even though it's my best approximation of describing Grimes' "Kill V. Maim" video, is not enough to prepare you for the actual thing, which is kind of like a game of Crash Bandicoot in the world of Blade Runner except also the heroine is wearing Versace. It's really like, OK, imagine Mad Max but then also, like, if it were about subway dancers in Toronto. Look, there are no words for this video except that it is absolutely hard as all living fuck, as the track, one of the thematic centerpieces of Grimes' excellent Art Angels, demands. The video is directed, edited, etc. by Claire Boucher herself, along with DP Mac Boucher. It's nuts. Watch it below:

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