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Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Has New Zealand Spawned a Rapper From a Deeper Circle of Hell Than Iggy Azalea?

Watch Hucci Luv’s "Weave Snatch"—the hideous nightmare of a Suicide Girl who hasn’t had internet access since 2005.

This video is offensive. Hucci Luv, as an artist, is offensive. We called 2015––the same year this clip hit the internet––"the year white rappers lost." If we’d seen this back then, maybe we’d have called it something else. Like, “the year white female rappers basically set just themselves on fire and burned career hopes to cinder.”

"Weave Snatch" is a truly remarkable video but not because Hucci Luv, the MC behind it, is from New Zealand. "Weave Snatch" is actually just remarkable because it made it online during a time when the internet was basically one giant roundtable about why shit exactly like this shouldn’t exist. It’s remarkable because the entire World Wide Web was saying "No" and Hucci Luv didn’t hear them.


This isn’t even legible. It’s like a four-minute version of that Iggy Azeala vine where you couldn’t understand a word she said. Snatch, weave and bitch are the only noises identifiable as English.

I was going to make a Kreayshawn analogy, but I don’t think Kreay deserves to be associated with this. At least she’s singing in her own voice. This is straight Iggy-Level shit. Make no mistake, the “Weave Snatch” is audio-blackface.

The video pulls together every "low culture" signifier––the muscle car, the stripper heels, the bikie Daddy––in the hope that together, they would lend some kind of authenticity to a track that’s ultimately a Nokia 7650 photo of a photocopy of Blackness. It’s irredeemably, obviously phoney. And it’s crazy nobody involved could tell.

The kid who produced it, Trap Son, could’ve noticed Hucci’s patois was out of hand in the studio. The videographer, Chloe Hastings, might’ve guessed there was something strange about parking a muscle car in Collingwood and having a white woman twerk on the hood. Seriously, try and imagine these women in this video as they stood outside of a Shell, between takes, still thinking “Fuck, this is a solid record.”

Even the editor, Bit Jax, when jamming footage of Hucci’s ass against shots of a motorbike, had the chance to pull the plug. But nobody did.

For over two years, even before Iggy came on the scene, we’ve been talking about why cultural appropriation is so high stakes. Don’t make us rehash those conversations. It’s 2016. Stop pulling this shit.