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Holy Shit

Watch Azealia Banks Stomp out the Justice System in Her "The Big Big Beat" Video

Azealia delivers an "Artistic FU" to the justice system with her new video from 'Slay-Z.'

Still courtesy of Azealia Banks

We turn to Azealia Banks for her experimental dancefloor bangers, of which, all else considered, she has quite a few. But plenty of people—her oft-decried enemy the paparazzi, for instance—are more interested in fixating on her various indiscretions, such as an alleged assault last fall that recently landed her in court. Wherever one stands on such incidents, though, certain truths remain: The court system is frustrating bullshit, and dancing is a lot more fun than navigating it. So what better activity than to tell said court system off while jamming to the new Azealia Banks song "The Big Big Beat," off her recent mixtape Slay-Z?


That's what Banks does, dancing in a project hallway, in front of the New York City Criminal Court building, and on a literal cop car, looking like a badass before clearing out the track to spit a verse with lines like "How could that little young bitch from the ghetto hit the jackpot / ran off with the cash pot" with a calm, fuck-you self-assurance that absolutely buries your favorite rapper. "The Big Big Beat" is the perfect dancefloor rap fusion you want from Banks, and it sounds that much cooler being rapped from on top of a cop car.

"I collaborated with my talented friend and director Matt Sukkar to create a visual best described as an Artistic FU to the corrupt American justice system," Banks said of the video in an email statement to Noisey. "We wanted something that speaks for itself and makes a bold statement."

Check out the video below, dance all over the place, and throw a middle finger up at the man.

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