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Let Slasher Film Festival Strategy's Icy Synths Soundtrack Your Blizzard Weekend

Stream the imaginary soundtrack to 'Psychic Shield,' a witchy cannibal gorefest that never came to be.

Baby, it's cold outside, and nothing complements a bitter winter chill quite like icy 80s-style synth. Slasher Film Festival Strategy is the brainchild of one Christopher Ashley, a former punk turned labelrunner (he helms Foreign Sounds, a black metal/dark electronics concern). The project was formed in 1997, with a strange but simple goal: to "literally make music for films that do not exist."

For this latest creation, Ashley took his inspiration from Psychic Shield, an imagined gorefest that's theoretically about "a religious cult of flesh-eating witches who use their religion to lure unsuspecting victims to their gruesome deaths. The survivors of the cult use the Psychic Shield to protect them, as they battle to the death to make sure the cult and its members burns to the ground – forever."

I'm a little bummed that I can't actually watch it, but the European-influenced tones, drips of dark ambient, 80s pop snap, and crystalline synth riffs on its soundtrack are creepy enough to haunt my dreams on its own. Have a listen to Psychic Shield below, and grab the record itself from Death Waltz Recordings on 1/27.

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