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This Video of Stevie Wonder Singing Stevie Wonder Songs in a Car Will Help You Find Joy Today

He also riffs on an English accent and it sounds like your dealer doing a Monty Python impression.

Are you weighed down by the internet? Are you feeling chronically cynical? Are you sick of reading 4,000 word confessional first person essays about people who have slept with their parents or have taken a photo of their butt every morning for 14 years? Do you want to feel better about life? Do you want to feel good? Because Stevie Wonder has done a thing, and it will make you feel good.

James Corden is a funny British comedian, according to everyone outside of Britain, and he has this skit he does on his chat show over in the States where he takes famous people out for a ride in his jeep and they sing karaoke together. This week it was Stevie Wonder, and together, Corden and Wonder rattle through all the classics. I'm talking “Superstition", “Isn’t She Lovely”, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”, and the rest. Stevie in the car even hits a higher note on “Superstition” than Stevie on the stereo, which is pretty good considering he’s 65 and it was recorded in 1972. And if, for some extraterrestrial reason, you don’t enjoy the music of Stevie Wonder, then just tune in to hear his best attempt at an English accent, because he says ‘Nothing to do with me mate” and it sounds like your dealer doing a Monty Python impression.


I did think to myself, imagine pulling up next to a car at a traffic junction and seeing Stevie Wonder belting out his own songs in a jeep with the windows down. How do you react to that? How do you take that in? How does the human mind cope? Then I remembered it’s America and we’ve all seen Nightcrawler, and the only way an American would react would be by grabbing the semi-professional filming equipment on the backseat and curb crawling Stevie Wonder incessantly.

It even gets pretty emotional when Stevie rings Corden’s wife on the iPhone and serenades her. A clear liquid, what could be genuine water, starts to drip from James Corden’s eye sockets in the most unforced, un-Cordenlike way. But he wipes them away and the sketch rolls on.

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