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Holy Shit

Jeremih, Future, and Big Sean Rule the Club with "Royalty"

The Chicago crooner drops back-to-back singles.

It's hard being a Jeremih fan. He goes quiet sometimes, and you're stuck with your record collection, and your undying hope that Late Nights: The Album will come out expeditiously enough to silence the naysayers. Today's a special day, then, because we got a quality new Jeremih single, "Oui." But guess what? He just dropped another! "Royalty" finds the Chicago singer stalking thru a packed club with Future and Big Sean in tow, beelining to a VIP section where they're bound to be treated like kings. Bottles are popped, girlfriends are borrowed, fingers enter butts, and smooches abound. Hashtag back to back. Stream "Royalty" below.