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Watch Celine Dion Attempt to Twerk and Impersonate Rihanna, Sia, and Cher on 'The Tonight Show'

See? Celebrities can be funny too, just like normal people.

I love Celine Dion. It’s hard not to—look, here she is in Las Vegas, performing a duet with a hologram version of herself. Who else could get away with performing a duet with themselves, as a hologram, in a different dress? And look, here she is gliding through the sky like an angel while singing her nautical death anthem “My Heart Will Go On.” Who else has a nautical death anthem? With panpipes?

Anyway, last night she did some impressions of pop stars on Jimmy Fallon’s the Tonight Show, which is what celebrities do now to show that they can be silly too because they have humour just like normal people. She starts with singing “Frère Jacques” like Cher, which is actually pretty spot on, but more importantly than that, she reveals they are good mates, which immediately makes me feel irrationally jealous that Cher and Celine have probably sat in a hotel room in Vegas somewhere in their diamond-studded nighties and shared a box of wine and got stoned and laughed for hours and I wasn’t there to witness it.

She then impersonates Michael Jackson (which is mediocre – who hasn’t impersonated Michael Jackson) before impersonating Rihanna and Sia, the former of which is accompanied by her nearly trying to twerk, which made my stomach contract in that way your stomach does when white people are about to try and twerk. She slays though. It's Celine Dion.

Watch the whole thing below: