PREMIERE: The Young Professionals' Remix "10,000 Emerald Pools" by BØRNS

Tel Aviv electro-pop duo give the psych-pop troubadour a trap-tastic remix.

af Kim Taylor Bennett
30 juni 2015, 6:20pm

We've had our eye on BØRNS for a minute, largely because he's not afraid to get his nips out and he's best buds with Zella Day. Just kidding! (We're not kidding.) But seriously, his songs are sick and in particular "10,000 Emerald Pools"—the tune that broke him at the top of this year. A gilded psych-pop composition that floats by like a puff of pot in the wind.

Tel Aviv electro-pop duo The Young Professionals are clearly down too. Probably because they saw their chance to manipulate the fuck out of the original. Below is the premiere of this rework, (fresh from TYP's video for "All of it But Me"), which kicks off nearly naked, with just BØRNS's vocal, before ratcheting up the womp at 1.20. Shit gets pretty trap-tastic, a little cut and paste glitchy, but it's still on a pretty mellow kick, so it's not as jarring as it sounds described on the page.

"All I need is you / You're all I need to breath," croons BØRNS over sparse backing synths. Kids, you can't breath underwater, and no lover will help make this possible, so don't try this at home. Oh, it's a metaphor? Gotcha.

TYP's "All of it But Me" ft. Anna F is out now.

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