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Watch Kendrick Lamar Steal the Mic at a Rap Cypher in Manchester, and Clash Some Teen Rappers

This way for a slice of hip-hop that is more heartwarming than new-born kittens chasing balls of wool.

Forget watching videos of new-born kittens chasing balls of wool or a cured deaf person hearing music for the first time – this clip of Kendrick Lamar surprising a bunch of teenagers in a rap workshop in Manchester is probably the most heart-warming thing you’ll see today, in this cruel world of government budgets, bashment bans and Olly Murs. In it, the rapper watches the kids showcasing their skills, before grabbing the mic and breaking out in a freestyle himself, quickly inspiring an impromptu cypher. He also spends the whole time looking really happy (although perhaps not as happy as that time he climbed a waterfall with strangers in Jamaica).


But just when you thought the whole thing was starting to get a bit puppy eyes and heart emojis, Kendrick nabs the mic of one of the older and admittedly smaller MCs, and spits, "Never thought I'd meet an MC shorter than me". Poor dude. He's probably still stood there today, wondering how he can come back from that one.

The workshop was set up by Reebok Classic and Brighter Sounds – who sponsored his visit – and is meant for young musicians in the city, all of which had no idea Lamar would be dropping by.

You can watch the full video below: