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Is There Anything You Won't Be Inspired to Do While Wearing Beyoncé's New Clothing Line?

Ivy Park is the clothing brand you need to kickbox a komodo dragon or nail your next arena concert.

Screenshot via YouTube

Meet Beyoncé, perfect human. How did Beyoncé become perfect? According to the promotional video for her new athleisure clothing line, Ivy Park, it goes back to her youth, going for runs in the local park, Parkwood. It's where she still goes, mentally, whenever she encounters a challenge. "When I have to conquer those things, I still go back to that park," Bey intones over inspiring footage of her doing athletic things like running, swimming, and looking cool as all living fuck. She adds, "the park became a state of mind, the park became my strength, the park is what made me who I am." And Ivy Park, she suggests, will help you find your own park.

What will you accomplish while wearing Ivy Park clothes, which also look cool as all living fuck? Will you, like Bey, give birth? Will you rock arena shows? Will you climb mountains? Close deals? Kickbox a komodo dragon? The sky is the limit. Watch the trailer below, and check out Beyoncé's dual covers of Elle US and UK, where she rocks the looks. Billboard reports that the line will go on sale on April 14 through retail partners Top Shop, Nordstrom, Zalando, Selfridges, ​JD Sports, and Net-a-porter. Which, if the rumors that a Beyoncé album is imminent are true, means you'll soon have the perfect wardrobe for dancing to the new music.

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