Holy Shit

Kevin Parker of Tame Impala Remixes Bandmate Jay Watson's "Anesthetized Lesson"

Just in time for spring.
29 marts 2016, 4:37pm

Jay Watson, purveyor of good music with Tame Impala and Pond, spends some of his alone time recording under the name GUM, crafting odd, 80s-inspired electronic tunes. This is worth knowing because he’s also really good at doing that. In fact, last year’s Glamorous Damage had some really entertaining tracks, particularly if you like driving places at night.

Now, Kevin Parker, his Tame Impala bandmate, has taken one of Glamorous Damage’s most immediate tracks—“Anesthetized Lesson”—and remixed it, polishing off all the off-beat tweaks and smoothing the falsetto vocals into the new mix.

Watson said the following of the track, presumably in the sort of charming Australian accent that makes you want to down a beer and get excited about cricket: ”While I was recording the album I was listening to a lot of dance music and while it was a big influence, my mixing of the album didn’t really reflect that. When Kev offered to do a remix of ‘Anesthetized Lesson’ I jumped at the chance because I knew he could make it sound wild. He didn’t let me down!”

Listen to the track below.