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Is This Really That Miley Cyrus "Black Skinhead" Remix?

We hope not.

If you heard what's being labeled as the new "Black Skinhead" "Remix" then you, like us, probably found yourself wondering: What is this shit? Apparently this is the result of Miley and Kanye working together last year after Cyrus headed into the studio after the VMAs to record with Yeezus himself, but something isn't adding up. Either this song was made to sound like a poorly constructed Frankenstein, or Kanye's cousin has been having too much fun using the source files on that stolen laptop. The grainy and misplaced Travis Scott ad-libs in addition to what sounds like a karaoke version of “Rule the World” by Tears For Fears from Miley Cyrus make this sound far from official, especially when you consider Kanye's obsessive love for his craft. Listen for yourself below and decide.


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