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PREMIERE: Beliefs Are That Cool Shoegaze Band You Recorded Late at Night in "1992"

Who says online communication isn't real when communication is a lie to begin with?

Do you ever think about how years ago, what defined memories for a lot of people was home movies? Your parents probably have a few tapes in a bin somewhere, filled with videos of you meandering around the kitchen in diapers. In the future that will stick around with videos (have you seen Facebook's profile videos?) on the internet, but the staticky effect of a good home movies will be missed. Beliefs gets that, especially with their new video for "1992."


Beliefs is a band out of Toronto that plays dreamy shoegaze and gazey dreampop. Their new record Leaper due out on Hand Drawn Dracula is a ten track killer that creates a landscape of strange disassociation from everything around. Their video for "1992" taps into that feeling of not being connected. There are several shots of band members and others wandering around, each of them alone or in a small group, connected to others on a mobile phone. The song howls into the night, creating a rippling and gorgeous effect of guitar distortion and strangeness, just like the visual.

Watch the video below, and pre-order the record right here before it comes out November 13.