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Holy Shit

Kelela's New Track "Rewind" Does R&B Right

She's got a new EP coming out. Damn girl, it's good to have you back.

Ooooh Kelela! This new track is slicker than an wet otter. Its Janet Jackson vibes give us shivers. There's a smidge of Jessie Ware in here too. It's the way R&B should be: sexy as fuck with a beat that moves you from your groin, Kelela's vocals curling round melodies like a black cat slinking through a room. She's owning it.

It's the first cut from her forthcoming Hallucinogen EP (out on 10.9 via her own Cherry Coffeeimprint in the States and via Warp, for the rest of the world). Co-produced by Kelela, Kingdom & Nugget, the singer had this to say about the song: "It speaks to the narcotic that is loving someone. It makes you exhilarated, it makes you feel drained, it's in your body and it affects you so completely."