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Holy Shit

Watch the Video for Future's "Kno the Meaning," the Devastating Bonus Track off 'DS2'

These are Future's confessions.

Future's Dirty Sprite 2 is a great album. It is so massive it makes other rap music feel irrelevant. There is nothing better than driving around and blasting "I Serve the Base." But one of the highlights of Dirty Sprite 2 for a completely different reason is the bonus track "Kno the Meaning," which is totally different from much of the tape's punch-people-in-the-club tone. On "Kno the Meaning," Future describes the 56-night period that gave the mixtape 56 Nights its name, during which his DJ and close friend DJ Esco was locked in a Dubai prison. He talks about the isolation of not having Esco around to smoke with and offers a wide lens view of the period this winter that is now widely considered a creative renaissance: "they didn't know that I know the game and I know how to reinvent," he raps at one point. "Everything I did, it was predmeditated," he claims at another. And finally "my hard work finally catching up with perfect timing."


It's a song full of soul-searching, too. At one point Future moans about just having his son and needing to go on tour. It is real. These are Future's confessions, so the video, which just dropped, finds him in a confession booth with DJ Esco on the other side, reflecting. It's the perfect mood setter for lighting up a blunt and following along with Future as he mines his psyche. You might find, listening, that, as Future says, "the music way ahead of its time, and I notice this." While we wait for the rest of music to catch up, watch the video below:

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