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Here's the First Listen of Oh Land's New Track "Earth Sick"

The Danish delight returns to goosebump the skin and make us all feel lazy.

Oh Land is a magical human and she is returning with her new fourth record next month. Frankly we don't know where she found the time—Wish Bone came out barely a year ago and in the interim she's released a slew of awesome videos, toured the world, planned a wedding, took part in said wedding, AND she made sure her hair color was in a state of constant rainbow-flux. This Danish delight makes us feel freakin' lazy.

But we're happy she's so productive because "Earth Sick"—premiering above—is the title track for her new album and it's spun from sonic gold. Sparse and spaciously slow, Oh Land's tones flip from a filigree fine falsetto to conspiratorially close, with synths that swirl like the Twin Peaks theme. To summarize: this is a wonderful track and Oh Land is the bomb.

Earth Sick is out on 11.10 via Tusk or Tooth via Kobalt Label Services