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Premiere: No Ditching - “Dickhead”

This Durham fivesome possess the kind of raw, snotty energy we all wish we had more of in high school.

Pity Me, Durham, is quickly becoming my favourite town in the UK. Not just for it’s Terry Pratchett-esque name, but for the community of bands it’s been harbouring on the sly. Last week we premiered a track by sentimental anarchists Martha, and today we’ve got the latest from their guitarist Naomi’s other band, No Ditching.

In addition to being a great excuse for a group of friends to spend most of their time with each other in a sweaty North East basement, No Ditching totally slay. Listing their communal influences as veganism, Gilmore Girls, Bell Hooks, and bed, they possess the kind of raw, snotty energy I wish I had more of in high school - maybe then I would have spent more time being kickass and less time squeezing my bacne and trying to get the older kids to fancy me (those two activities were in no way related). Anyway their new track “Dickhead”, premiering above, is the apex of that energy.

Direct, sardonic and just over a minute long, “Dickhead” is a frenetic blast of classic punk rueing misspent time. Presumably, the length of the song is directly proportional to the preferred amount of time spent on said dickhead. The track is taken from No Ditching’s forthcoming EP Inseparable, available to pre-order now via Art For Blind.

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