Stop Being Bummed and Be Happy Instead: Here's Little Children's New Video for "Every Little Light"

Bummed out about racism, war, Prince dying, and the world ending? Leave it all behind and stumble into the horizon to this newest joy-blast of a video from Swedish Linus Lutti's indie project.

The latest video from Swedish indie sensation Little Children - a.k.a. Linus Lutti - radiates unbridled happiness. In the reverbed haze of happy that is "Every Little Light", Swedish dancer Henrik Vikman awkwardly stumbles through some backwater town for an entire day, looking a bit like someone getting worked over by a poltergeist. (Also, DBZ fans, note what can only be a Kamehameha at 1:19).

"Every Little Light" is the first single off of an upcoming LP set to drop later this year, and it's giddier and more upbeat than the esoteric of "Another Day" and some of LC's earlier stuff, with Lutti's vocals sounding as intimately raspy as ever, as if he could lick the mic with just a flick of his tongue. It could be Lutti's heartwarming, no-holds-barred indie rock, it could be Vikman's loveably random, uncoordinated Michael-Stipe-in-Losing-My-Religion-ish dance - but there's a carefree passion somewhere in here that leaves us with a distinctive R.E.M. vibe.

”The song is about running away. Letting go of everything and getting out. Erasing your whole life, starting from scratch. It’s about the end of something but also about a beginning," the one-man pulsar behind Little Children told Noisey via email. And there's a valuable lesson (and a really chill song) to take away from all of this:

It really doesn't matter if you can dance or not. I mean sure, people who can dance look considerably cooler doing it, and it gets them laid considerably more than you. But there's just an especially liberating form of happiness that comes from jiggling and jangling the various parts of your body parts around to the sound of music - even if you look like a ragdoll binging Quaaludes and Red Bull while doing it.

Just got dumped? Dance. Get barred from your chess club? Slap on some tunes and shake it off. Bummed out about racism, war, Prince dying, and the world ending? You guessed it: Leave it all behind, stumble-dance into the horizon, and watch your troubles disappear.