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Heidi Mortenson's New Track "Lyset" is Earthy and Enlightening Electropop

The new video from the Danish electro-seductress bewitches with sublime beats and... jellyfish.

Imagine spending fifteen years in Barcelona and Berlin - two bustling, metropolitan cities - and then moving to a random Scandinavian forest by the sea to ditch the city life, embrace the woods and focus on music. In a way, you'd probably become a master of extremes—which is what you recognize in Heidi Mortenson's latest track and video, "Lyset".

The Danish electronic artist took that Spanish/German/Scandinavian trajectory, which resulted in her upcoming album, Tid—her follow-up to the internationally-acclaimed album Mørk. "Lyset" is the first track we've heard off Tid, and it stays true to the clear and bold juxtapositions in both her personal history as well as her past music. Her throaty, piercing vocals contrast against muted and almost-sparse production, and her barren lyrics almost meditatively alter between themes of darkness and light. The result is a track that feels quietly sublime and magical in its electronica—which is a vibe that's replicated in the video.

The video takes you through the grandness of Mother Nature: starting out with shots of snow-capped mountains, taking you to close-ups of billowing jellyfish and rounding out with a shaky exploration of the deep underwater, it feels like a home movie appreciating nature. However, the dark underbelly of city life and technology rears its head: the video replicates a near VHS-quality, bulkily getting in the way of your experience with the mountains and ocean. So if you've been fantasizing about ditching your over-priced 2-room flat, quitting your job in 'media' and living in a tiny little farmhouse somewhere raising chickens - and don't lie, you have - this is probably going to be totally up your alley.

The album 'Tid', vinyl and file, is released on Voodoo Echo, March 11th 2016.