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The New Gäy Video is Safe for Work

Official premiere of Gäy's new video "Saturday Morning"

Hailing from the majestic metropolis that is Grenå, Gäy are yet another Danish band of infinite – or thereabouts – talent, boasting a combined age that clocks in just shy of intellectual disability digits in IQ terms.  They’ve been discretely hustling and bustling around the edges of whatever we’re calling that new Danish scene these days, and now they’ve gone the extra mile and put together a video, courtesy of Lasse Dearman. We’re happy to share it with you on their behalf and have topped it off with a quick interview shedding some light on the finer points of being Gäy.


VICE: So Gäy, how did it all start?
Gäy (Asger):I have been writing songs on my guitar for years back in our hometown Grenå and Jakob (the bass player) asked me if we should play the songs with instruments. Thor (the drummer) had never played drums before, but it sounded pretty good. But we started out playing in a band before that, but that’s not worth taking about.

What was that band?
Well, it was Jonas’ (the guitarist) father who hired us for a blues festival in Norway, so we wrote some blues songs. That was pretty weird.

How would you describe your musical style?
Basically it’s rock. It’s pop melodies written on an acoustic guitar with instruments.

Who are your musical influences?
Not John Maus! A Danish blog wrote about us, saying we had definitely listened to John Maus and then it got repeated by someone on Danish Radio. We have never heard of John Maus.

Does Grenå inspire you?
There is a community center, which hosts shitty acts, but there was a punk band called "The Hey Ho’s" from Grenå. The lead singer, a friend of my father’s, sold bicycles, got divorced and then he made punk songs about stealing cookies from the boy scouts. But what was the question again? Oh yeah, in Grenå there is literally nothing to do. Boredom and emptiness are huge inspirations.

And now most of you have migrated to Copenhagen, right?
Asger: I’m ready to move to Copenhagen. Thor and Jakob live in a temporary home for manual workers in Copenhagen. Permanently. A wagon or a box you could call it. I’d like one of those. The plan is for the entire band to live in Copenhagen, but it’s a bit tough with Jonas because he promised his mom to finish the 10th grade in Grenå.


Your video was produced by Lasse Dearman. How did you meet him?
We met him at Henry’s Dream Festival. Lasse talked to Thor and at first we thought he was hitting on him because guys often hit on Thor. Turns out he simply liked our music, and he has been kind of a manager for us. Introducing our music to people who like us and now he has made the video.

Yeah, what can you say about the video?
It is a combination of mood shots in Glasgow and in the rolling hills of Silkeborg with some shots from Copenhagen and the amusement park Bakken.

What’s with all the pull-ups? Are you guys in super psychical shape?
Thor is! Actually, I think you could say we are in bad shape. We got winded when taking the stairs to the second floor for this interview.

Actually, this is the first floor, but whatever. Let’s discuss your bandname.
Before we were called No Man’s Band inspired by a Syd Barrett song called No Man’s Land. One night we were playing football and we talked about the old band name being shitty. Thor mentioned ‘Gay’ as a joke and we kind of liked it, so we stuck to it. It’s kind of short and accurate. The umlaut came later. It is good-looking and kind of German. We like the imagery of a German homosexual or a happy German couple.

Have you gotten any stick over it?
Some homosexuals don’t like us. They think they have some sort of patent on the name, because they got teased at school when they were kids. At Henry’s Dream we got into a confrontation with a homosexual who didn’t like our name. Of course we still know homosexuals who like our music and don’t have a problem with it.

How was Henry’s Dream by the way?
Asger: I had trouble with allergies. It resulted in me walking around with red eyes I was unable to open. I don’t know what I’m allergic to and the pills don’t work. So I just drank a lot of Red Bull.
Jakob: And we still haven’t been paid. None of the bands we know have.

That sucks. What’s next for you lads?
To eat a kebab and get an EP out. EP in October. Kebab now.

Alright, but before you're on your way; where does it all end? What’s the dream-scenario of Gäy?
A Porche.