Touring Stockholm In Sportswear


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Touring Stockholm In Sportswear

Ängby camping, Bromma: Adidas cap, Adidas T-shirt, Palace X Adidas jacket, and Adidas sweatpants and shoes.

This post originally appeared on VICE Sweden

PHOTOGRAPHER: Felix Swensson
STYLIST: Fiffi Jenkins Producer: Hugo Anderholm
Model: Björn Winiger at Nisch Management Thanks to Sara Brolin

Brommaplan parking lot, Bromma: Adidas jacket and T-shirt, Palace X Adidas sweatpants, Manhattan fanny pack.

Alley next to Magnus Ladulåsgatan, Stockholm: All items by Adidas.

Council estate at Södermalm, Stockholm: Oakley sunglasses, Adidas jacket and sweatpants, Ralph Lauren shirt, Nike trainers.

Solstrålens Pizza, Stockholm: All items by Adidas.

Palace cap, Stutterheim jacket.

Ängbyplan tube station, Bromma: Palace bucket hat, Adidas jacket, T-shirt and bag.

The Swedenborgsgatan viaduct, Stockholm: Palace bucket hat, all other items by Adidas.