The Editor of 'The Editorial Magazine' Showed Us Some of Their Best Editorials


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Ink Spots

The Editor of 'The Editorial Magazine' Showed Us Some of Their Best Editorials

We're not really sure what the their theme is, but there's something inarguably Lynchian about the work they publish.

If you really sat down and tried, you could turn a lot of pages in the space of 30 days. While we've spent over a decade providing you with about 120 of those pages every month, it turns out there are many more magazines in the world than VICE. This series, "Ink Spots", is a helpful guide on which of those zines, pamphlets and publications you should be reading when you're not staring at ours.

The Editorial Magazine's message is cryptic. They publish almost every kind of work conceivable, from fashion editorials to amateur photography to excellent photography to poetry to essays to interviews to paintings to that CGI art everyone's always arguing about. There are very few adverts. They're open to subscriptions but without guidelines.


One of the best Editorial features I read was in Issue #12 , and it was an interview with Hollywood stuntwoman and photographer Hannah Kozak, who talked about throwing punches and leaping out of buildings. Kozak had been sneaking onto sets and shooting the world of Hollywood make-believe since before she was actually invited onto them as a body double, and shared some of her candid portraits with Editorial, including those of Nicholas Cage and Isabella Rossellini on the set of David Lynch's Wild at Heart.

This got me thinking; The Editorial Magazine is kind of Lynchian. And maybe that's all it needs to be, an intriguing series of timeless images with no collective thread. Photographer and painter Claire Milbrath, the magazine's editor, shared with us some of those images below, including the work of photographers Petra Collins, Etienne Saint-Denis and Monika Mogi, as well as artists Clay Hickson and Jonny Negron.

Jonny Negron

Charlie Engman shoots his mother for Issue 9

Brad McMurray, Issue 8

Rachel de Joode

Petra Collins shot by Maya Fuhr, styled by Chloe Wise, Issue 8

Shot by Adam Levett, styled by Chloe Wise, Issue 9

Jan Adriaans

Jan Adriaans

Paintings and mythological stories by painter Chris Lux, Issue 11

Clay Hickson's first insert, Issue 7. He's made inserts for every issue since.

Jamian Juliano Villani, Issue 8

Street styling: stylist Melissa Matos and photographer Etienne Saint-Denis approach people on NYC streets, Issue 11

Sean SavagePhotos and interview by Rebecca Storm, Issue 10

Nico Krijno, Cover art for Issue 9

Isabella Rossellini by Hannah Kozak

Nico Krijno, Cover art for Issue 9

Genova Girl, art direction by Francois Pipsia, suit designed by Julien Ceccaldi. Photo by Claire Milbrath, Issue 10

Artist feature, Mark Delong.

Mark Peckmezian, Issue 7