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Holy Shit

It's La Flame and La Flare: Listen to Gucci Mane and Travis Scott's Zaytoven-Produced "Last Time"

Gucci addresses his past drug use and the rumors he's a clone.

Gucci Mane and Travis Scott, a.k.a. La Flare and La Flame, hinted at the release of a new collaboration last week on Instagram. And because Gucci Mane does not sleep, the full track dropped last night. “Last Time,” produced by Zaytoven, comes as Gucci teases a second album since his recent release from prison, Woptober, and as Scott continues to build to the release of his long-awaited Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.


The track itself has Zaytoven laying jazz piano over trap beats with Scott’s heavily Auto-Tuned voice repeating the hook: “Last time I took drugs I just took half of it.” Gucci’s verses take over, though, diving deep into past addictions and, charmingly, the internet rumors that he’s a government clone. “The last time I took some molly, took a gram and a half / Niggas think they know 'bout Gucci but they don't know the half / See I'm an ex-X popper and online shopper / Niggas thought I was a clone, they heard me speak proper.”

Check out “Last Time” below.

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